What I learned today

Today we worked on creating a Flyer with prewritten text from a different document.

We had to include a picture and the CTP logo on the Flyer. We had to edit it to where there was only important information and group it into sections with different-sized text.

It was a little challenging posting a picture to it that covered the whole flyer, but I figured out how to do it messing with it a little.

What I Did Today

We primarily worked on the computer networking lab today, and I spent most of the time checking connections and filling out a network diagram. It’s nice to finally be able to understand what all the different numbers mean and how all the components interact. We also tried to do our tech article presentations, but unfortunately the timeframe was more rushed than usual. I was happy to be able to get most of the big ideas from the lab finished this week even though there was one less day to work on it.

What I Did Today

Today I worked on the lab project but could not finish it because I was confused about some aspects. I checked in with Carrie and Devin and discussed my plans. The class presented articles, but we ran out of time before everyone could share their article.

What I did today

Today, we had our regular check-up, and did our tech articles today. I also finished up the networking project, and got through most of the Advanced Lab portion before we called it quits due to tomorrow having mock interviews.

What I Did Today

Today I learned how to make flyers. I found it a little challenging starting out. But I feel like the more I practiced, the easier it became. I feel like it’s important knowledge not only for work but in other aspects as well. I could use this skill for personal advertisements if I needed to.