What I did Today

We covered a lot of bases in ES: we connected w/classmates on LinkedIn and gave each other endorsements. We each had a recorded interview w/Carrie, rounds of practice interview questions, and received our Mock Interview scores.

What I did do today?

Started my day with a 15- minute typing test. Reviewed some mock interview questions and demonstrated our skills in answering specific questions. I worked on my Linkedin account and updated the details on my account. Review more mocked interview questions.

what I did today

I improved on typing.
I finished a customer service email response assignment.
I turned the assignment in.
I turned in my skill soft modules.
I participated in tech articles.
I went to the graduation celebration for Julie, Emma, and Jessie.
I just want to say Congratulations Guys!!!!

Brenden Hawley

Today I practiced typing, Struggled with focus and needed to pace, did rose, thorn, bud, Rose was how much I understood, Thorn was my crazy energy levels and me being all over the place and Bud was more tech projects.

What I Did Today

Today we finished our assignment regarding PoW answering customers’ inquiries. I realized that doing this assignment helped me be better prepared for the real world by being detailed and understanding the company’s services.

What I did Today

.. we’re in the final stretch in PRO (Marc, Emma and I). Today we worked in 3CX and practiced phone calls, holds, transfers, etc. I worked with Mike to finalize and record my Portfolio – kind of a bittersweet, poignant moment, encompassing the entirety of my journey from Bootcamp to PRO. I feel sadness in leaving what I had come to love. #teary-eyed

What I did today

Today we practice like always for 15 minutes. Then we practiced the 3CX phone system with different scenarios. we practice putting the caller on hold and then transferring them. We also watch a video on how to properly answer phone calls in an office setting. After that, we worked on an assignment writing email responses. Always be patient, present, and polite.

What I did today.

I practice more on roleplaying using 3CX phone calls. Went well however, coordination is a little difficult while muted in zoom. Watched a video on how to answer calls professionally. Lastly, working on POW Written Customer Service Responses.

Today I did.

Practiced the phone line and found it suffered from poor communication on who did what. I watched a informational video and wrote practice email responses. I got stuck on the technicality on a question.